Aug 13, 2016

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Champions of the SMASL Summer Season

Champions of the SMASL Summer Season

Malibu United Soccer Club faced a tough opponent in Angel City FC today, the boys knew ACFC went a perfect 9-0 leading up to the match, so they knew they had to give a solid performance.

Unfortunately through out the game, Malibu were always playing catch up against their opponents. The intense game went into halftime with the team down 5-3.

Both teams came out for the second half with even more emotion. Malibu was still trailing until late in the game, but luckily United midfielder Munny Manak was able to even the score with 3 minutes remaining. The youngster was able to follow up his goal with another after he did a mazy run through 4 ACFC defenders with just two minutes left in the game, giving United a 8-7 lead! With one minute left in the game MUSC faced a tough challenge as ACFC earned a free kick just outside of the 18 yard box. Fortunately for the team, veteran striker Dave Keffer placed himself on the back post and headed away a sure goal! Shortly afterwards the referee blew the final whistle and Malibu United were once again crowned champions of the Santa Monica League.

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