Feb 25, 2016

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My Teammate Bet on Leicester City FC to Win the BPL

My Teammate Bet on Leicester City FC to Win the BPL

Around one month ago when our soccer team’s season started I heard a rumor that our teammate JJ Saul had made a bet on Leicester City FC to win the Barclays Premier League. Some of my teammates on Malibu United were estimating his payout was going to be over $20,000 if he wins.

I had been reading articles about several LCFC fans who had also made bets for their team to win the league. The Metro wrote an article about a guy who put £20 on the Foxes to win the league before the season started. He stands to win £100,000 if they do it. BBC also wrote a post about a guy that stands to make £25,000 after a £5 wager.

Given all of this information I was really excited to learn what was true and what was just the Malibu rumor mill spitting out another crazy story. I know everyone on our Malibu United team are hoping that JJ makes good on his bet. Hopefully the young midfielder will rejoin the team for the summer league, not only as a teammate but as a sponsor too!

Saul who is currently taking some time off from the club due to work obligations, was nice enough to participate in a Q&A. JJ Saul is not only a smart gambler, he is also an exceptional soccer player. He was a star at Malibu High school and then went on to be one of the top players at California State University, Chico. Where he led his team with assists in his final year.

What made you bet on Leicester City to win the 2016 Barclays Premier League?
They had started off to a strong start, and I was on the website I usually bet on, I clicked on BPL Futures and the odds were unreal, so I took the bet. I have friends that play in the Prem. and they were making fun of me when I first made the bet! Now they’re not!

Who are your favorite players on the club?
Kasper Schmeichel and Riyad Mahrez.

Did you make any other soccer wagers when you made this one?
Yes, for Southampton to win the BPL.

If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you bet?
$25 USD.

Also, if you don’t mind me asking, how much is the pay out on your $25 bet?
$31,500 USD.

Leicester City have 12 games remaining in their season, do you still have faith in them winning the league?

The club is currently 3/1 odds on winning the league, would you take $16,000 if the bookies offered it to you?
Yes. You want to give it to me?

Who is your favorite BPL team?
Manchester United.

Will you buy a Leicester City jersey if you win your bet?
I will buy a couple.

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