Player Profile

23Damon Manak"Dam"
Player Info
Birthdate 12/25/1984
Position Midfielder / Forward
Nation England
smasl Summer 2017 Stats
Goals 14
Assists 10
Malibu United Career Stats
Goals 170
Assists 177
Dubbed "Darwin" by his teammates, due to his ability to go solo and discover parts of the field unknown to the rest of the world, Manak's left foot is something of which Da Vinci would have been proud. A deliberate mastermind at the dribble, he is one of United's players to watch. But rest assured, if you happen to miss any of the Manak magic on match day, it will certainly be available on YouTube the following morning. Unfortunately, after skyrocketing a penalty attempt in the Champions League Final at Pepperdine University, Manak has been relieved of penalty taking duties.

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